Top 8 Places To Visit In Houston For An Impeccable States Vacay


The city of Houston in Texas is an ideal holiday destination filled with unique and fun experiences for the folks to enjoy. Being the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston houses the famous Houston Space Center, tourist attractions, renowned restaurants, and wonderful museums that are sure to impress those who are the hardest to please. Read on to find the best places to visit in Houston.

1. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Beautiful would be an understatement when describing the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. Its main attraction would be a multi-storeyed sculptural fountain from which sheets of water flows gracefully down the walls made of concrete. Words would fail to describe the beauty of this Waterwall Park, as one needs to witness it to truly appreciate it.

2. NRG Stadium

In the United States, sports like basketball and soccer are immensely popular, and the competitions like the annual NFL and Super Bowl are attended by tens of thousands of people in the stadiums and watched by millions of people around the world. Head to NRG Stadium, and others like the Minute Maid Park or the famous Toyota Stadium to catch your favorite team play.

3. Preston Street

The street art, or what is popularly known as graffiti, is a rage in Houston. Some truly spectacular masterpieces can be found across the city. These colorful wonders adorn numerous walls of establishments spread across the city, which travelers will have a fun time driving around and seeing.

4. Southern Goods Restaurant

No trip is complete unless one enjoys the local flavors of the place. Houston is known for great culinary flavors. The cuisine options available include Mexican, Latin American, Asian, and countless others. Wondering about places to visit in Houston at night? Head to the Southern Goods for an amazing dinner with your friends and family.

5. Buffalo Bayou Park

This park is a natural gem in itself, sprawling across a massive 160-acre green land running through the city, with the calm Buffalo Bayou in its heart. People can be seen walking and biking across the trails here. One can even enjoy kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle-boarding in the park. Various guided tours of the park are also available, which range in duration from one to three hours.

6. Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is one of the star attractions of the city, responsible for luring thousands of visitors annually. Home to more than 6000 exotic species of animals, this zoo also contains an education and information center for those who want to learn more about zoology and the zoo in more detail. Experience hand feeding the giraffes, gazing upon sea lions, and observing the marine life up close and personal.

7. Museum District

This district is one of the city’s greatest cultural attractions and home to about 19 different museums. Eleven of these are state-owned and free for all. Some of the famous ones are the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Children’s Museum, the Contemporary Museum, and the Holocaust Museum. Most of the museums are within walking distances of each other making it easy to cover them in a single day trip.

8. Houston Space Center

Perhaps the most famous of all the Houston attractions is the Space Center, which also happens to be NASA’s official visitor center for its Johnson Space Center. This huge complex is open to tourists, where they can stroll through a life-size replica of the shuttle along with the shuttle carrier. Have mind-boggling experiences like touching a rock from the moon, and simultaneously learn about NASA’s upcoming projects, like the colonization of Mars.

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