10 Things To Do In Bali That’ll Let You Have A Memorable Vacay


Bali is one of the most awaited destinations for many tourists. As the endearing view of the island steals the heart of the many. The distinctive name for Bali “Islands of the gods” is totally drool worthy. The golden beaches and azure seas make it a perfect scenery. Bali is in the middle of Indonesia and is most definitely the real charm of Indonesia. The magical island and beaches make it a paradise on its own. Kids, families, couples, group of friends, food lovers, Bali surprises and entertain them all.

1. Diving in Padang Bai

Padang Bai is most famous for muck diving, it is situated in the east of Bali. You can be damn sure that this diving experience can be one for a lifetime. The serenity of the ocean will definitely leave you speechless. There are 7 different diving sites that can be easily reached by a boat. You can get a chance meet many sea animals including sharks.

2. Trip to Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Rice terrace by name might not sound very interesting but these rice paddies make such an endearing design that creates lush green scenery and makes this place one of the top 10 places in Ubud. You should definitely not miss a walk here. Also visit the Jatiluwih rice terrace near Tanah lot temple.

3. Surfing in beaches

Surfing is one of the most adventurous water sports and is a mind blowing experience. Yes, Bali is not only peaceful and serene but is adventurous also. On one hand its beauty never gets tried by calming people on the other it gives its tourist one of the best surfing spots ever.

4. Tanah Lot Temple

Time to go a little devotional! Well this temple is the most iconic temple in the land of Bali, it is surrounded by sea and picturizes the beautiful sunset. The sea waves continuously hit the surface of the temple, the scenery is simply breath taking. Visit it at dawn and enjoy the colours spreading some magic in the skies.

5. Uluwatu temple

Perched on a cliff edge in the southwestern Bukit peninsula, Uluwatu is among the most important sea temples of Bali. This temple also shares a splendid sunset view. This temple is located on the hill top with a perfect sea view facing it. Hills plus the sea – can anything be better than this, no for sure nothing can be more enchanting. Let the serenity of the landscape and the positive vibes from the spiritual spot calm you in and out.

6. Dont miss out on the beach clubs

Why not enjoy a little hopping around- Bali has beaches and happening beach clubs simply tag along. Its time to show your moves and leave everyone awed! Why not have a little party with your buddies or make new friends while you chug down beer- Its up to you; the clubs wont disappoint in any case.
The amazing view, Sea shore, Sand along with the light and sound will definitely make your evening. To add a little more colour dont forget to get yourself a drink.

7. Take a bath in the Holy Water

Bali is well-known for its rich local culture, it has many temples and rivers that make this land pure. But Pura Tirta Empul is a very special and most renowned place for Balinese worshipers. It is said that this water helps to purify one’s mind, body and soul. The devotion will just give peace to your inner self. The positive vibes in the area will soothe you.

As a traveller, to miss the opportunity to bathe in this holy water and purify yourself in a spiritual ceremony, is extremely unfortunate. You should definitely keep some time for a visit.

8. Take a cooking class

Ubud is very popular for half day or full day cooking classes, at a very cheap price. You can take a walk in the farms harvesting fresh ingredients for cooking. Enjoy a cooking spree with the fresh ingredients and then dig into the food you prepare!

9. Taste the Balinese cuisine

Obviously the island is famous for the seafood, if you are here and you are missing out on tasting the authentic cuisine, then your trip is not successful. While you’re exploring Bali, you can go for seafood in Sanur restaurant, dinner with family in Jimbaran, and traditional food at Warung Baljong.

10. Indulge in a Spa here to pamper yourself

Balinese spa is like a lemon to your soda, this is a perfect way to pamper yourself. The spa options in Bali are endless. You can enjoy a romantic couple activity or can relax by yourself. Luxurious aroma therapies and massages in Balinese traditional style are a pure bliss awaiting you.

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